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Personal Accident Insurance

Our health is no doubt our top priority. Sudden accidents or illnesses are our biggest threat, both for us and for those we care about. Although we can’t protect you against them, we can make sure that, should anything happen, you will have the means to be treated in the best possible way, with Interasco Health insurance. If you are a Greek resident, maintain your peace of mind by insuring yourself and your beloved ones with one of our major medical and personal accident insurance programs that best suit your needs. We will provide you with worldwide medical coverage and make sure that you receive the care you deserve. You can also choose to have additional diagnostic coverage, that will help you prevent – rather than heal – health conditions at an early, mild stage. Should you choose to insure with Interasco, our 24-hour health line will be at your entire disposal for anything to even distantly relates to your health status. Simply call 210 679 3200 and a expert team will assist you from scheduling your complimentary annual diagnostic check up till dealing with an emergency incident If you wish to receive further information on our insurance programs please contact your insurance agent or call our offices at 210 677 6111.

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Health Line Interasco: 210 6793200
Road Accident Assistance:210 9460293
Road Assistance:210 9460293
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Carglass211 12 08 188
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